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Canon ImagePROGRAF - GP Series 200/300/2000/4000

GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000, GP-4000


The Canon imagePROGRAF GP-Series are a family of 5 or 10 color printers PLUS fluorescent pink.

Size and the number of inks are what makes each model unique.


The GP-4000 is a 44" wide,  10 color plus flourescent pink printer 

The GP-2000 is a 24" wide, 10 color plus flourescent pink printer

The GP-300 is a 36" wide,  5 color plus flourescent pink printer 

The GP-200 is a 24" wide, 5 color plus flourescent pink printer


These printers are equipped with Canon's Radiant Infusion technology, which layers the fluorescent pink ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing, creating bright and soft color reproduction. Other features include built-in color calibration, intelligent media handling, and USB thumb drive printing. 


These printers are bundled with Canon's poster creation software, PosterArtist Lite, which allows you to create posters in four easy steps with license-free images and templates. The Radiant Infusion technology is integrated into PosterArtist Lite software to allow users to create high-impact posters easily. 


PANTONE Calibrated

"PANTONE Calibrated" Pantone licensed for "PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated", which includes fluorescent and pastel colors.


Color Calibration

The built-in color calibration function uses a multi-sensor to read color density and calibrate the printer so that the last print looks the same as the first.



Canon ImagePROGRAF - GP Series 200/300/2000/4000


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