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Canson Baryta Prestige II - 340

Ancipated Mid-July Availability 


Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige II is the replacement fo Baryta Prestige


Baryta Prestige II 340gsm has the aesthetic of a traditional darkroom paper

• The natural white base is achieved without the use of artificial brightening agents (OBA)

• A true barium sulphate coating is added before the inkjet receiving layer which provides the aesthetic feel.

• The gloss finish enhances the deep blacks and pure whites and intensifies the vibrant colour gamut

• Exceptional image quality, detail and tonal range

• Produced on a mixed alpha-cellulose and cotton base

• FSC and ISO 9706 certified

Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige II is an innovative product for the more discerning photographer and printmaker, whether creating black and white or colour archival prints.

Canson Baryta Prestige II - 340


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