Print Storage

Moab Chinle Economy Folio
Chinle Economy Folios are an archival, stylish and convenient way for storing and presenting digital prints. The folio is wrapped in a flat black linen-textured fabric and lined with a white acid- and-lignin free paper. Constructed of durable binder board for repeated handling with a simple low-tech velcro closure to keep contents securely intact. Passes PAT testing as performed by RIT. Each Folio is oversized to fit a finished print of the sizes sold. Depth is 0.5”

Moab Chinle Archival Box
The Chinle Archival Box is a stylish and durable solution for long term storage or for presentation of photographs. Top and bottom remain flat when box is opened allowing for easy access to contents and a convenient method of sliding prints from one side to the other with minimum handling. Ideal for matted and unmatted prints. Covered in an attractive black buckram and lined with acid-free white paper. All Chinle items feature true archival construction including neutral pH adhesives. This product has passed PAT testing performed by RIT.

Canson® Infinity Archival Photo Storage Boxes
These boxes are specifically designed for the archiving and conservation of your photographs and documents. Made from selected Archival board which meets the requirements of ISO 9706 for paper permanence, this material contains also a high level of alpha cellulose, is produced in neutral pH conditions (acid free) without OBA or recycled material, and conforms to the PAT (Photographic Activity Test according to ISO 18916) to ensure the integrity of your prints over time. The surface is covered with a specially selected black Wibalin® Buckram paper which offers a high water- and lightfastness. This box contains a neutral ribbon for improved handling and removal of photographs / documents and 25 sheets of glassine to help protect your prints from scratching and abrasion.

Product Name Price SKU #  
Archival Photo Storage Box 8.5x11
Interior size 8.9" x 12.2x 1.4"
$33.70  $25.28 Sale $
Archival Photo Storage Box 13x19
Interior size 13.3" x 19.3" x 3.5"
$54.70  $41.03 Sale $
Chinle Archival Box - 4" x 6" - 1" Deep $18.48
Chinle Archival Box - 8.5" x 11" - 1" Deep $39.48
Chinle Archival Box - 11" x 17" - 1" Deep $55.48
Chinle Archival Box - 11" x 17" - 2" Deep $61.48
Chinle Archival Box - 13" x 19" - 1" Deep $72.48
Chinle Archival Box - 13" x 19" - 2" Deep $73.48
Chinle Economy Folio - 13" x 19 $60.98
Chinle Economy Folio - 8.5" x 11" $42.48